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Find & draw shapes in clouds

Share with friends and create creative cloudy creations!

Klowdz lets you unleash your creative cloud shape hunting skills and share them with the world. Pick from a large number of "blank" clouds, imagine and draw, then save and share. Simple!


You'll need an HTML5-compatible browser to draw with Klowdz. Here's a list of compatible browsers:

If you find another that works, please let us know.


We sell high-quality prints of your work if you're interested. We do not sell artists' work without permission. Prints are only available to the artist who created them (or, technically, to the person with access to the account).

Coming soon

In the not-too-distant future we're going to release a Klowdz Battle section on the site, where you can compete against buddies online in head-to-head showdowns! Oh the suspense!